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Agri Business Partner

The agricultural wing of the Conroy Group is known as ‘Agri Business Partner’, with a central office in Vojvodina, Serbia. This location entails 5,000 hectares of privately-owned land in the northwestern part of the region known as Backa. Here, the group employs over 200 permanent staff and enjoys a trusting relationship with the community as a whole.

The main focus of the operation is on crop and dairy production. Together with our qualified team and valued business partners, the Conroy Group is dedicated to bringing world-class dairy products and mercantile and certified crops to the market.

Our Operations

Our tradable crops include soya, maize, wheat and barley while our certified seed crops encompass soya, maize, wheat, barley, triticale and sunflower. The welfare of our herd of Holstein Friesians is key to our dairy operation, as is the full traceability of our production; as a result, the Conroy Group was the first to supply certified non-GMO milk in the region.

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